Research Award

Companion animals trust funding application research study award proposal

  • 1.0 General Information

    Companion Animals Trust is dedicated to funding research that is relevant to the field of companion animal welfare and urban animal management. Companion Animals Trust Research Study Award will fund projects up to $10,000 per annum to a maximum of $20,000. At this time Companion Animals Trust will only fund companion animal welfare research conducted within New Zealand.
  • There is one funding round per annum. Applications must be received by the closing date advertised on the home page. You may only submit one Research Study Award application, per organisation, per funding round.
  • 2.0 How to use this form

    Please complete this form for your proposed research study. If a section is deemed not to be relevant to your study put N/A. Submit the completed application form and the associated appendices via our website.

    Please read the Terms & Conditions before completing your application.
  • 3.0 Study Name

  • 3.0 Layperson Summary

  • 5.0 Research Team

  • NameInstitutionEmailRole 
  • 6.0 Previous Funding

  • 7.0 Research Question(s) and Objectives

  • 8.0 Rationale and Justification

  • 9.0 Preliminary Data

  • 10.0 Experimental Methods

    Describe your experimental approach to meet each of your research questions. Refer to the Research Award Notes and Conditions for guidance with completing this section.
  • 11.0 Timeline

    Include the sequence and schedule of project milestones as well as the duration of the project. A maximum of two years is permitted (not including peer-reviewed scientific publication). All projects are subject to 6-monthly review and approval of successive 6-monthly intervals is contingent upon approval of adequate progress by Companion Animals Trust Trustees. If your application is successful these 6-monthly milestones will be outlined in your grant approval letter.
  • 12.0 Expected Outputs

    List the outputs you expect to achieve from this project and how you will disseminate the results. Include the name of journals for publication and conferences where the results might be disseminated. For successful applications all outputs must acknowledge Companion Animals Trust as a funding source. If a commercial product is developed, Companion Animals Trust would become a partner in this.
  • 13.0 Budget

    Please expand as necessary: The total cost of the project, less the financial contributions from co-funders, should equate to the total amount requested from Companion Animal Trust. The cost of each item should be specifically justified. Costs not justified may not be approved.
  • ItemAmount ($)Supporting Documents 
  • 14.0 Co-Funding

    Describe what other sources of funding have been obtained or will be sought for this project (including ‘in kind’ support). Expand as required.
  • SourceAmount ($)Status (funded/pending) 
  • 15.0 Contribution to Qualifications

  • 16.0 Declaration

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    Max. file size: 32 MB.
    • 17.0 Reference List

    • 18.0 Appendix Items

    • – Curriculum Vitae (2 pages max) for the principle investigator, mentor and/or co-investigator, including names, position/role on this project, current position, qualifications, previous grants and awards received, selected/relevant peer-reviewed publications.
    • – Letters of support. Include letters of support from all collaborators (individuals or organisations not named as co-investigators whose participation is crucial to the project’s success).


    Companion Animals Trust reserves the right not to distribute funds in a funding round where applications received are not sufficient in number or do not meet the requirements of the award or goals outlined in the Companion Animals Trust Deed. The Companion Animals Trust is a discretionary Trust and the decisions of the Trustees are final.