SPCA Desexing Grant notes and conditions

Overview of award

SPCA Desexing Grant will fund community desexing projects of up to $10,000 (including the cost of microchips and registrations on the Companion Animals NZ register). Funds are distributed by Companion Animals Trust New Zealand.

There are two funding rounds per annum. See the home page for application closing dates.


Companion Animals Trust reserves the right not to distribute funds in a funding round where applications received are not sufficient in number, or do not meet the requirements of the award or goals outlined in the Trust Deed. Companion Animals Trust is a discretionary Trust and the decisions of the Trustees are final.

Use of funds

  1. Projects funded by the Companion Animals Trust may not be altered from those specified on the application form and in the award Terms and Conditions without prior written permission from the Companion Animals Trust. No additional funds will be provided unless the Companion Animals Trust decides so in its absolute discretion.
  2. Where funds are granted to an institution for the employment of staff at that institution, or for work to be carried out by a private individual, Companion Animals Trust nor SPCA New Zealand are the employer. It is the responsibility of the host institution to ensure that individuals are employed in accordance with employment legislation.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, any equipment purchased from a SPCA Desexing Grant will become the property of the Companion Animals Trust and should be used only for the activities approved. At the end of the project the ownership and future use of the equipment will be reviewed by the Companion Animals Trust.
  4. Companion Animals Trust and SPCA New Zealand’s financial support must be acknowledged in all publications, presentations, press-releases and any other publicity surrounding the project.
  5. Companion Animals Trust and SPCA New Zealand reserve the right to promote the project through press-releases and social media avenues.


At this time the Companion Animals Trust will only fund desexing projects conducted within New Zealand for the benefit of animals in New Zealand.

You may only submit one SPCA Desexing Grant application, per organisation, per funding round.

Applications not completed in full will not be considered.

Your organisation must be a registered charity, incorporated society or both to apply for funding.

You must supply one quote for each product or service you are requesting funding for (excluding microchips and Companion Animals NZ Register microchip registrations).

All animals being desexed as part of your award application must also be microchipped and registered with the Companion Animals NZ Register. If you are not applying for microchips and Companion Animals NZ Register microchip registrations within the application you must evidence how you will ensure these animals are microchipped and registered.

All animals being desexed as part of your award application must receive appropriate pain relief. This should be evidenced in the veterinary quote provided.

First time applicants will be eligible for a maximum of 100 microchips and Companion Animals NZ Register microchip registrations.

Applicants (organisation or individual) currently being investigated by the SPCA are not eligible to apply.

Upon receipt of a successful application, the receiving organisation, and any individual associated with it, will work collaboratively with the SPCA around any concerns they may have about SPCA as an organisation, those employed by SPCA or the work they carry out. Should an issue arise where a recipient has concerns, they agree to raise the issue by emailing rescuegroupssupport@spca.nz


Application Submissions

The completed application form and supporting documents must submitted via our website.

Payment of Award

Upon receipt of successful application, recipients will be asked to return a signed declaration agreeing to the conditions outlined in this document.

The payment of all awards will be made electronically.

Prior to payment successful recipients must provide an encoded bank account deposit slip or an invoice.

Payment for veterinary costs will be made directly to the veterinary clinic(s) providing services for the project upon receipt of a current invoice.

Microchips will be couriered to the postal address provided on your application form.

NZCAR registrations will be credited directly to your NZCAR account.


Recipients may be requested to provide a brief (less than 500 words) account of their project written in an easily accessible style suitable for inclusion in newsletters, websites and on social media platforms. If requested, this should explain the background of the project, the outcomes and the benefit to companion animal welfare. Where possible recipients should provide photographs illustrating the project and the animals involved.

If requested, the brief summary must be received by the Companion Animal Trust within three months after the agreed completion date of the project unless otherwise agreed with the Companion Animal Trust.

Additional notes

Applications will not be considered if:

  • They do not relate to animals in New Zealand.
  • They seek funding for organisational set-up, infrastructure costs or capital expenditure.